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Coalition Building

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Do you need help building a coalition?

We here at Bent Tree Advocacy specialize in coalition building.


We work with organizations and individuals to build coalitions and find the right partners to help them meet their objectives. 


From traditional allies to non-traditional allies, from philanthropic foundations to political caucuses or from mission-specific associations to grassroots efforts - we know how to build coalitions and recruit the right partners for your needs.

We at Bent Tree Advocacy recognize that we can only deal with problems such as climate change and the various inequalities afflicting our fellow human beings with a robust campaign strategy to bring together a coalition in helping us deal with these issues as part of a global community.


Coalitions are the fundamental way of doing this! 


Let Bent Tree be your partner and guide you through the coalition-building process so that we can work together toward a better future.

Bent Tree Advocacy has successfully represented numerous clients in complex, more straightforward, and clear-cut matters. 


Just last year, Bent Tree guided an Advocacy Client throughout some very challenging legal procedures, resulting in a significant win for their case.

Fill up our form by clicking the Contact Us button below, and we'll be in touch to set up a time for us to meet or e-meet and discuss your project!

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