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Protecting the confidentiality of our clients is a top priority for Bent Tree, and we respect their need to maintain Non Disclosure of any aspects of their Projects.  Therefore, we will only focus here on the public projects we are currently pursuing, as an example of the kind of effort Bent Tree will bring to every project and achieve maximum impact and success.


America Bangladesh Economic Development Alliance

Bangladesh is the world’s fastest-growing economy, but its success is largely unknown – and even ignored – by most American businesses.  Those American companies already operating or doing business in Bangladesh see the country as a hidden gem offering tremendous opportunities.   China and European firms are already pressing hard to develop strong ties there.

ABEDA - the American Bangladesh Economic Development Alliance – was formed to overcome that unfamiliarity and help companies profit from a powerful affinity for American technology, methods, and partnerships in Bangladesh.  Moreover, ABEDA can offset the lack of a U.S. Commercial Service presence in Bangladesh with programs to enhance U.S. trade there.

American Libyan economic development alliance

After the 2011 Libyan Revolution that deposed the Gaddafi regime, Libya needed to overcome four decades of stagnation and reclaim its position as a Middle East economic powerhouse.   Blessed with abundant natural and human resources and a small population, Libya has the potential to become once again a financial leader for that region.

The political situation continues to improve. Suppose the Dec 2021 elections bring in a new government dedicated to economic growth and prosperity. In that case, American firms can be at the forefront of very profitable development efforts in sectors across the board.


Bent Tree Advocacy launched the American Libyan Economic Development Association to foster those business ties and work with companies in Libya that could genuinely benefit from close relations and relations with American counterparts.

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