A formidable combination ready to meet and best any advocacy challenge presented.

We have the scale

From Global marketing of products and/or services to political campaigns, from training and skills development of critical business skills in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare, IT, Tourism, Healthcare, and many others, from image and reputation building for corporations and individuals, and for solving any issue a client may face, Bent Tree has the resources, experience, and capabilities to help you win!

We are Creative

Bent Tree does not sell things. We sell ideas. Every winning campaign begins with an idea, and Bent Tree loves the big picture. Grounded in research, debated, tested, polished, and fine-tuned, we have the discipline, dedication, and resources to see it through to a successful conclusion.


We are Discreet

Our work is about you, not about us.  We keep you out of the news or placed in the news in the most diplomatic and effective ways possible and can make sure you are always in the loop with all information and are never "surprised" by external developments.

Crisis Communication

We specialize in managing corporate crises –When corporations must respond to an emergency, Bent Tree can handle public relations and work with corporate leadership to develop an immediate response plan that dovetails with your corporation's brand and messaging.

Our Team


The Bent Tree Team's diversity and breadth characterize young, senior, multinational, multi-disciplined, and multi-talented, diverse, seasoned, global citizens.