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The Team

Who We Are

Robert B Leggat

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Founder & President

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Rob Leggat has decades of experience in international advocacy, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, business communication, and strategy.


Rob is a skilled communicator with outstanding people skills who can quickly assess situations to find optimal solutions.

He has previously led large-scale domestic and international advocacy efforts including policy development, coalition building, grassroots outreach, and message development as Vice President Asia Pacific for General Motors, Vice President International Government Relations and Communications for Walmart, and as Chief Strategists for the renowned Goddard Gunster Public Affairs leadership team.

Robert Marro

Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Marro is a former senior United States Commercial Service Diplomat who has served in various countries. He was recognized for his work helping American companies find investment opportunities abroad and tasked with creating a new institute that will train embassy officers as well as commercial specialists on techniques they need to be successful with their clients.

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Aktar Hossain

Director of Business Development

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Aktar Hossain is a Bangladeshi-American IT professional who brings a keen understanding of business in the U.S. and Bangladesh. He maintains close ties with the White House, U.S. Congress (including House Speaker), and the Muslim community nationwide as the long-time National Director of a prominent Muslim organization.  

Istiaque Doza

Director of Marketing (Remote)

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Istiaque Doza is third generation entrepreneur who uses his knowledge and experience in marketing in helping organizations maximize their impact through targeted marketing campaigns.

He is a lifelong learner who likes to write blog posts, product and service descriptions, scripts for YouTube videos, personal and company bios, and various marketing and sales copy to fit the client's needs.

He is willing to work for nonprofit organizations that he believes in, but only if there are no other commitments.

His hobbies include listening to audiobooks, spending too much time on the Clubhouse app, working out, and creating content for YouTube.

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